A boy was expelled from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy for "selling" ADD medication to a friend in exchange for Cheez-its, which one can only assume were the first thing to catch his line of sight after agreeing to the sale. In fairness, the boy didn't just trade the meds for a few Cheez-its: "he received several bags of chips/Cheez-its and/or $3.00 payments for this medication."

That's actually not a bad deal. According to StreetRx, the street value of an Adderall tablet in Chicago is about $5. If his expulsion holds he can take heart in knowing that he's a born negotiator.


Now his mother is suing the school arguing that her son was only handing out pills to help other students succeed. It's hard to see "unlicensed practice of medicine" as a sound defense for the actions of a 15-year-old.

But this is the logical result of the casual overmedication of ADD. It's unreasonable to expect kids to treat Adderall as treatment for a serious condition when doctors themselves don't. Some 15 percent of high schoolers in America are diagnosed with ADD — far exceeding the estimated occurrence according to the scientists who first championed the neurological condition. And that's before we count the boom in adult-onset ADD that hits right around the day you get accepted to law school.

The driving force peddling pills to pubescents is of course Big Pharma, who see the ADD diagnosis as a goldmine, and they don't trade in Cheez-its. When their aggressive marketing campaign sold America on these drugs as "safer than aspirin" and a quick-fix for academic success it wasn't hard to predict what would happen next.


So if you want to keep little Bobby from trading his sandwich for pills, perhaps it's time to demand a regulatory agency able to do more than slap pharmaceutical companies on the wrist for marketing ADD drugs as a casual treatment for "being a kid."

If you need a treatment for something less than a serious neurological order, try the non-drug treatment of asking them to just "sit down and study."

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