You might think that distinction "hottest attorney" would go to a lawyer with a most impressive client roster, great rhetorical skills, or at least a young rising star who seems to be everywhere.

But when that title is bestowed upon you by NY Blondes, well... it's clear that we're not looking for the next Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Still, with thousands of passably attractive and extremely hardworking attorneys in New York — some who are even blonde — can we not find someone who matches both aesthetic and professional definitions of hot?

Apparently not. New York's Hottest Attorney is Elizabeth Kurpis, an associate at the Manhattan law firm of Mintz Levin. She's a mergers and acquisitions attorney, received her law degree from Villanova in in 2007, and... oh, you don't care. Pictures or it didn't happen:

OK, it's not NY Blondes' job to understand career advancement in the legal field. Actually, I have no idea what NY Blondes' job is to do, but that's a separate concern. Kurpis might be a fantastic young attorney. Or she might be a socialite moonlighting as a lawyer, as her impressive Guest of a Guest profile would suggest. You can read more about her here. It doesn't matter, Kurpis is not the issue.


The issue is that there are bunch of ways to rank "hottest attorney," and "she's cute and goes to parties" is easily the worst. You can even name the "hottest" FASHION MODEL without devolving into this kind of cheesecake buffoonery. See here.

If you really want to know who the hottest women attorneys are, check out this bracket. It doesn't include glossy photographs of the contenders. But I'm sure most of them would be very pretty if they ever took time away from their desks to go to a movie premiere.