Apparently, this has been a shockingly dangerous tax season for those who prepare taxes. Earlier this month, a guy shot up a tax business in Detroit. Around the same time, another guy tried to choke the heck out of his H&R Block tax preparer.

Maybe people really should get TurboTax and do it themselves. You know, unless they're suicidal...


My friends at the accounting blog, Going Concern, have both of these stories. Let's start with the shooting:

Xzavier [Tyrone Mazyck] allegedly beat up a tax preparer when he found out the woman he was with wouldn't be getting her refund in cash. After a security guard intervened, he is accused of whipping out his heat and shooting both the guard and two women. A fourth person was grazed by a bullet but not shot.

I refuse to comment on why "Xzavier" (effing SIC Mrs. Mazyck. SIC!) was so invested in "the woman he was with" getting cash. Just because I can't immediately think of a non-pimp-related reason, doesn't mean there isn't one.

Meanwhile, in Missouri:

A Missouri man is facing a third degree assualt charge after he allegedly choked the shit out of an H&R Block employee. Guess we know who won't be in on getting his billion back, eh?

53-year-old Michael Wright was apparently unhappy with the result of his tax filing, so naturally he shoved his preparer to the ground and choked a Block.

People, people, don't hate the player, hate the game. Eviscerate the utilitarian justifications of a progressive tax policy as outlined by Jeremy Bentham if you must, but leave your H&R Block Excel elf alone.