It's hard out there for Millennials to find work. But having your parents go on Craigslist to beg people to hire you has to be a new low. One kid has their Mommy or Daddy offering to pay employers if they will hire their son.

Welcome to America, 2014...

Somewhere out there is a kid who is a proud graduate of UCLA, who graduated from law school in 2013, and has passed the California bar, yet can't get a job. As if that wasn't bad enough, now his parents are making him look like a charity case. From Craigslist:

Incentive to hire young lawyer (Orange County)

I will pay an incentive of 10% of his annual income to a Law firm that provides half time attorney work for my son who recently passed the California Bar examination. He graduated from an excellent Law School and his undergraduate degree is from UCLA.

You can read the full post here on Above the Law.

I can't fault the parents here. They probably told their kid that education was the best pathway to success. They probably told their kid that going to law school was a "real" career, and worth it despite the debt. They probably didn't know that being a nail technician was a better call than going to law school in this economy.


Now, like the parents of so many Millennials, they're trying to step in front of the slings and arrows of their son's outrageous fortune.

Is paying somebody to hire your child the new nepotism? It's a lot like paying the neighbors to buy something from your kid's girl scout cookies, only much more depressing and sad.

Parent Begs Firms To Hire Son — Offers To Pay Part Of Son's Salary [Above the Law]