The lawsuit against Nick Saban's daughter, Kristen Saban, has been tossed. Saban wins! Auburn fans will be pissed...

In case you haven't been following along, Kristen Saban was sued by her sorority sister, Sarah Grimes, for beating her ass. You can read the full complaint here. It's pretty special. Saban broke the girl's nose.


On the stand, Kristen Saban argued that under Alabama's "stand your ground" laws, she had the right to defender herself. Saban argued that the sorority sister started the fight, she just ended it.

It turns out that was the winning play. Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge James H. Roberts Jr. cited the "stand your ground law" and found that Saban was justified in using force against Grimes.


It sounds like the judge found that Grimes hit her first, right? Well, not quite. From the Associated Press:

Saban posted "No one likes Sarah yayyyyy!" on Facebook, and Grimes banged on her closed bedroom door demanding that the post be removed. The judge said Grimes became the aggressor once the door was opened by yelling within inches of Kristen Saban's face, so Saban was justified in pushing Grimes.

So... yelling "within inches" of somebody justifies that somebody beating you down and breaking your nose, in Alabama. Good to know!