What is the point of having a private office if you can't take off your clothes and catch some rays at work? Actually, don't answer that. Just tell me what the ethical problem is if somebody does get naked in the privacy of their own workspace...

In a rare case of ethical conundrums arising from the Bosnian justice system, a female judge there was fired after she was spied sunbathing in the nude beside her office window. You can check here for SAFE for work pictures of the event, if you are into that kind of thing.


I'll set aside American legal considerations of the situation like: "Who is the creeper taking pictures of naked Bosnian judges," and, "What would Nancy Grace say?" A Bosnian disciplinary commission ruled that her conduct "damaged the image of the Supreme Court," and I can't speak to the "image" of courts I've only heard about on Locked Up Abroad.

But let's be clear: the judge (whose identity has not been revealed) wasn't hurting anybody by getting naked in the privacy of her own office. She wasn't asking opposing counsel to rub lotion on her back. She wasn't even using her work computer to look at porn (which, you know, happens). She wasn't going Rob Ford on the people of Bosnia.

She was... relaxing. And sure, her way of relaxing in her office is a little weird, but people do weird, non-illegal things in their offices all the time. It's one of the great things about having your own office instead of working in a cubicle and needing a hall pass to go to the bathroom. Who hasn't closed their office door and taken a nap? Or had a long, personal conversation about what you're going to eat for dinner? Right now, I'm sitting in my office watching re-runs of Ancient Aliens. That's not professional, that's not even intelligent. But it's my office, I can reasonably do what I want.


There are lots of instances where nudity + work = MASSIVE ETHICAL PROBLEMS. But almost all of them involve some kind of nasty that you are forcing upon your co-workers. Here, the lady was just working on her tan, at 8:00 a.m., before the workday started in earnest. That's a crime? That's a fireable offense?

I don't think it would be, here in America. If Judge Alex wanted to get naked in his chambers instead of loading up on self-tanner, I don't think that would get him fired. If anything, it would probably just help his ratings.

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