No, We’re Not Going To Start Firing People Exposed By Ashley Madison

In many ways, the Ashley Madison hack is a perfect victimless crime. I mean, sure, there are “victims,” but they are not victims we are morally bound to give a rat’s ass about. Do you feel bad for the low-level Falcone thugs who have their 4th, 5th, and 8th amendment rights violated by Batman? In the words of Mr. Blond » 8/26/15 12:16pm Wednesday 12:16pm

The Second Amendment Right To Tase A Bro

I had assumed that Tasers and stun guns were protected under the Second Amendment right to bear arms. I also assumed spears were protected. And shuriken. I was pretty sure that this violent-ass amendment could be used as a justification to protect an implement that a man can project into another man to cause harm or… » 8/12/15 3:36pm 8/12/15 3:36pm

Did Agreeing To A Racist Delivery Request Save A Life?

In Virginia, some lady ordered a package from Lowe’s (the place that Home Depot pretends to be) and ordered the store not to send a black delivery man. Somebody at Lowe’s agreed. And so they called Marcus Bradley back from his delivery route and replaced him with a white driver to take the package to the racist lady’s… » 8/11/15 4:49pm 8/11/15 4:49pm

Whites For Bernie Are Proving #BlackLivesMatter's Point

What’s going on right now with some members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Bernie Sanders, and some of the white liberals who support him is really complicated. The most progressive candidate running for president getting hit from the left by some African-American female activists might be surprising. But the… » 8/10/15 12:48pm 8/10/15 12:48pm

Mob Justice Happens When Real Justice Fails

The backlash to the backlash has started. First, Walter Palmer was tarred and feathered on the internet for killing Cecil-the-Lion. Now, Palmer has received death threats and had to close his dentistry practice and so the internet is worried about mob justice. Jason Gilbert on Fusion is spot-on. We all know that this… » 7/30/15 3:38pm 7/30/15 3:38pm

White Hunter Charged For Poaching Non-Lion African-American

I feel really bad for Cecil-the-Lion. But it’s hard to feel like we, as a country, have any standing to be morally outraged about the death of a lion when you watch the video of Samuel-the-Black-Man get shot in the face during a traffic stop over a missing license plate. Hamilton (Ohio) County Prosecutor Joe Deters… » 7/29/15 4:10pm 7/29/15 4:10pm

If We Can’t Make School Less Like Jail, Let’s Make Jail More Like School

President Barack Obama plans to make Pell grants available to a limited number of prisoners as part of a pilot program. Pell grants are federal loans for tuition, books, and other education expenses that are available to low income students. Prisoners are people, though our system tends to treat them like undead… » 7/29/15 12:47pm 7/29/15 12:47pm