White Hunter Charged For Poaching Non-Lion African-American

I feel really bad for Cecil-the-Lion. But it’s hard to feel like we, as a country, have any standing to be morally outraged about the death of a lion when you watch the video of Samuel-the-Black-Man get shot in the face during a traffic stop over a missing license plate. Hamilton (Ohio) County Prosecutor Joe Deters… » 7/29/15 4:10pm Yesterday 4:10pm

If We Can’t Make School Less Like Jail, Let’s Make Jail More Like School

President Barack Obama plans to make Pell grants available to a limited number of prisoners as part of a pilot program. Pell grants are federal loans for tuition, books, and other education expenses that are available to low income students. Prisoners are people, though our system tends to treat them like undead… » 7/29/15 12:47pm Yesterday 12:47pm

Getting Zimbabwe To Prosecute Walter Palmer Will Be Tricky

By now you’ve heard that Walter Palmer is the worst man on the planet. This Minnesota dentist apparently travels the world looking for animals to kill — for fun — but this time he shot a “famous” majestic creature, Cecil the Lion, of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Cecil is like the Alex of Hwange. He was more… » 7/28/15 3:25pm Tuesday 3:25pm

John Oliver Explains Everything Wrong With Mandatory Minimums

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight segment covered the full gamut on the stupidity of mandatory minimum sentencing for non-violent drug offenses. He talks about how the laws were passed out of fear, applied in a draconian way, and never actually addressed the problems associated with drug use. Most importantly, even as… » 7/27/15 3:18pm Monday 3:18pm

The Bigoted County Clerk Lawsuit We’ve All Been Waiting For

Local county clerks have played a surprising and disturbing role in the gay marriage debate. For all the people who complain about gay marriage as if the gays are going to hump open Stargate to a war-like dimension, county clerks are pretty much the only people who have to do anything to make gay marriage happen.
» 7/24/15 3:25pm Friday 3:25pm

Tulsa Loses WNBA Franchise, Little Else

My mother currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was not born there, but there’s a half-decent chance that she ends up dying there. People and things collect in places like Tulsa, Oklahoma. Who the hell knows how they get there? Not everyone can be an astronaut when they grow up and not everyone can live in Oklahoma… » 7/24/15 11:36am Friday 11:36am

It’s Legal To Get Fetal Baby Parts, And Should Be Easier

The thing about fetal tissue is that it’s really quite useful. Fetal tissue is the avocado of body tissues. It’s so useful that we still don’t even know how useful it can be. My wife and I are about to have another baby and we’re going to pay thousands of dollars to save as much umbilical cord tissue stuff as we can,… » 7/17/15 12:59pm 7/17/15 12:59pm

Making Women Draft Eligible Should Ensure We Never Have A Stupid Draft

If you are a man, you have to sign up for the draft — the Selective Service System — when you turn 18. There’s heck to pay if you don’t, heck I tell ya. That’s still the case even though we haven’t had a draft since Vietnam, and are extremely unlikely to have one again — unless we trip some kind of interstellar… » 7/14/15 1:59pm 7/14/15 1:59pm