Rovell's Latest Blunder Provides Lesson In Defamation Law

Hating on Darren Rovell has become way too easy. Between passing off rewritten press releases as original journalism, lobbying against paying NCAA athletes, and whining about the “talent” at a Playboy Super Bowl party, Rovell is easy not to like. » 5/23/15 11:17pm Saturday 11:17pm

Wall Street Is So Corrupt It Thinks It Has To Be

The big thing going around the internet today is a report from the law firm Labaton Sucharow and Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. The report finds that even people who work on Wall Street believe their industry is comprised of lying sacks of shit . In a survey, 47% of respondents said that they believed… » 5/19/15 5:42pm 5/19/15 5:42pm

Asian-American Groups Sue Harvard For Admissions Discrimination

If you get a bunch of mediocre white students to sit around bitching about affirmative action, they’ll tell you how they “objectively” “deserve” admissions to the top college programs in the country, but they’re losing out to minorities with worse test scores.
» 5/18/15 1:37pm 5/18/15 1:37pm

The Only Argument Against The Tsarnaev Death Penalty Is The Moral One

It’s pretty easy to be against the death penalty on practical grounds. The criminal justice system is flawed. Too often we convict the wrong man. Eye-witness testimony is unreliable. The deck is stacked against poor defendants. The penalty is sought and applied in a racially biased way. The drugs used to kill victims… » 5/16/15 3:39pm 5/16/15 3:39pm

Why Is The Best Version Of Star Wars Illegal?

The other day I sat down to watch the original Star Wars trilogy with some friends. One of our group had somehow escaped her entire life without ever watching or even being spoiled about the plot (basically like Kimmy Schmidt, except with way less cult activity). Determined to remedy this glaring cultural faux pas, we… » 5/15/15 1:44pm 5/15/15 1:44pm

The Only Lawyer Worth Hiring Based On A Television Ad

There are lots of bad lawyer ads going around. Most lawyer ads or either painfully boring, on the borderlines of ethics, or straight-up shameful. For the most part, I would never hire a lawyer I met on television.
» 5/15/15 12:12pm 5/15/15 12:12pm

Where Does That Wal-Mart Water Come From?

I have an elitist aversion to “the Wal-Mart.” I’d rather not have steak or underwear than buy either from a store that is willing to sell me both. When I first clicked on this kerfuffle about the production of Wal-Mart water, I assumed I was about to learn that people were drinking the tears of Chinese child laborers.… » 5/12/15 5:14pm 5/12/15 5:14pm

Law Firm Didn’t Need John Oliver To Shame Them Into Being Good To Moms

Last night on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver blasted American employers for their shabby treatment of mothers when it comes to parental leave policies. In case you didn’t know, America has the crappiest leave polices in the industrialized world. My wife is due in late August and, assuming she works right up until the… » 5/11/15 12:29pm 5/11/15 12:29pm

Law Student Gets Scholarship To Play Big East Ball

Yeah, playing two or three times a week while getting cold called to explain the differences between “non-hearsay” and “a hearsay exception” in front of the class is going to be a real cakewalk. You’ve got to applaud Fresno State Forward Braeden Anderson for his gumption. After graduating in 3 years, the Redshirt… » 5/08/15 2:27pm 5/08/15 2:27pm

The Subtle Judicial Cop Out From The NSA Decision

Somebody tell Snowden that he won one today. An appeals court ruled that parts of the NSA’s extensive data collection program are not supported by the language of section 215 of the Patriot Act. In plain English, that means a judge ruled that the government failed “reading comprehension” in high school and made up a… » 5/07/15 6:10pm 5/07/15 6:10pm