Overtime Is Now ‘ObamaTime’: President Is Getting The Hang Of Lawmaking…

Go to any place liberals congregate: a spoken-word open-mic, a unisex bathroom, a “school,” and you’ll hear them say, “Man, this is the guy that I voted for twice.” Ever since Congressional Democrats got their teeth kicked in last November, and the ascendant Republicans ground his legislative agenda to a halt, Obama… » 6/30/15 12:07pm Yesterday 12:07pm

New Yorkers, You Can Still Yell At Cops On The Subway

The Supreme Court has affirmed equal rights for gays and lesbians, and that’s great news. But the highest court in New York State is also getting in on the act of supporting fundamental human rights. The New York Court of Appeals ruled that New Yorkers still have the fundamental right to shout obscenities at the… » 6/29/15 5:37pm Monday 5:37pm

Supreme Court Kind Of Makes Up New Way To Stop Gerrymandering

Today’s Supreme Court ruling in Arizona Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission was another 5 - 4 close win for liberals on the Court. Note, I said “liberals,” not “Democrats.” The decision breaks down along liberal/conservative lines (with Justice Anthony Kennedy swinging towards the liberals this… » 6/29/15 12:29pm Monday 12:29pm

Free-Range Kids Need This Lawyer

Joe and Elie talk to Matthew Dowd, a partner at Andrews Kurth. Dowd famously represents the Meitiv family, the parents (now cleared) of child neglect charges for allowing their children, 10 and 6, to walk through their neighborhood unattended. Elie expresses concern over letting children roam free, while Joe thinks… » 6/28/15 11:49am Sunday 11:49am

Thank You, All You Bigots Who Helped Pass Prop 8

Equal Protection for gays and lesbians to get married under the law was affirmed today by the Supreme Court. It was going to happen eventually. The long view of American history illustrates the effort to fulfill the self-evident truths contemplated in the Declaration of Independence, even though there will always be… » 6/26/15 12:26pm Friday 12:26pm

Clarence Thomas Can’t Tell A Basketball Court From A House

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare (again) today, but it also upheld a fundamental tool for racial justice. In a 5 - 4 opinion, the Court ruled that “disparate impact” claims are constitutional under the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Conservatives thought they had a shot at overturning this well settled law, it’s… » 6/25/15 3:04pm Thursday 3:04pm

Crafty NFL Films Settlement Avoids Payment To Former Players

While Tom Brady’s balls, and their proper inflation has gained all of the media attention the past few months, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals quietly affirmed a class action settlement that is both impressively creative and reflective of how poorly the NFL treats its former players at times. » 6/24/15 8:02pm 6/24/15 8:02pm

The Haunted House Lawsuit All Home Sellers Should Know About

Have you guys read “The Watcher” lawsuit? This thing is terrifying. Some guy has been sending creepy letters to a couple who just moved into their new home. He calls himself “The Watcher” and says that their house “has been the subject of my family for decades.” He says he knows the names of their two young children… » 6/24/15 4:44pm 6/24/15 4:44pm

How Walmart And The GOP Are Using The Confederate Flag As A Hood

As you might have heard, the Confederate Flag shot and killed nine black people in a church in Charleston last week. Friends of the Flag were shocked by its actions. “That Flag always liked to puff itself up about what it was capable of, but I never expected it to do nothing,” said stereotypical redneck Billy Joe Ray.… » 6/23/15 4:05pm 6/23/15 4:05pm

Law Firm Finds Danny Ferry Not Racist

To encounter a “full-service” law firm is to be reminded of the redneck bar in Blues Brothers. “We got both kinds. Mergers AND acquisitions.” But like the financial sector that brought the world to its knees through inventive derivatives before it, the legal profession is constantly designing new products to sell. And… » 6/22/15 1:46pm 6/22/15 1:46pm

The Dominican Republic Has Legalized Ethnic Cleansing. Just Thought You…

Umm... guys, like I know this white lady who wants to be black is fascinating and all, but here in Western Hemisphere, right under our American noses, a country is about ready to deport people for the crime of being too black. » 6/17/15 4:17pm 6/17/15 4:17pm

St. Louis Cardinals Hackers Facing Serious Federal Jail Time

By now pretty much every news outlet has reported or commented on the bombshell New York Times story that lit up the sports world today about an FBI investigation into the alleged hacking of the Houston Astros player personnel database. » 6/16/15 5:44pm 6/16/15 5:44pm