When Is An All-White Jury Presumptively Racist?​

When being judged by a jury of your peers, is it necessary that some of those peers be members of your ethnic or racial group? Hold on, white people, I'm not asking you. You might talk tough on the internet, but if you were the defendant in a trial and you walked in and saw the entire Wu-Tang Clan sitting in the jury… » 9/16/14 3:28pm Tuesday 3:28pm

'She Taxis': Nice Thought, Totally Discriminatory​

I get it, Uber can be sketchy. There would seem to be a market opportunity for the new car service called "SheRides" (in New York City) or "SheTaxis" (in Westchester). The company will offer all female drivers for only female clients. » 9/09/14 12:49pm 9/09/14 12:49pm

No, Ray Rice Should Not Be In Jail

Yesterday, Elie Mystal lambasted the judicial system for failing to heed the video of Ray Rice punching his then-girlfriend, Janay Palmer, in a casino elevator. There is a natural reaction that the criminal justice system completely failed Palmer and women everywhere when it sentenced Rice to a pre-trial diversion… » 9/09/14 10:26am 9/09/14 10:26am

Parent Threatens Stupid Lawsuit Over 'Shame Suit' ​

A mother and daughter are giving interviews to anybody who will listen about behavior that actually should be very embarrassing to them if they had any sense of shame. Here are the facts that the family really wants you to know. » 9/05/14 1:41pm 9/05/14 1:41pm

How Not To Write About The Celebrity Hacking Thing

I asked my fiance if she wanted to see naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. "Sure." So I showed her. "She looks good." Then she scratched her nose and went back to planning our wedding. "What about Kate Upton?" "Sure." So I showed her. "She's got huge boobs." Her nose still itched. The seating chart was still… » 9/04/14 10:51pm 9/04/14 10:51pm

Ferguson Exposes The Hypocrisy Of Second Amendment Advocates

Listen closely. Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of gun rights advocates emitting a yawning silence over the death of Michael Brown. An unarmed teen was shot dead in the street, sparking a national controversy. In any other situation like that, the Second Amendment nuts would be telling us that perhaps the… » 8/19/14 5:49pm 8/19/14 5:49pm

A Grave Offense

When my dad was dying, he was fond of saying "Life is for the living." It was his way of encouraging all of us to forget about him swiftly and move on with our lives after he was gone. It was also a continuation of a life spent utterly devoted to the gnomic utterance. When I was 9, he left the house one day and told… » 8/08/14 4:31am 8/08/14 4:31am

IBM's Watson Continues Its Job Killing Evolution ​

Making a computer that can win at Jeopardy was never just for show. The natural language computer's character arc is following predictable trends. First, we marvel at the technological accomplishment. Then, it starts making whimsical contributions to human life. Check out these Watson-based recipes. » 8/07/14 5:57pm 8/07/14 5:57pm

How One Company Failed The Bar Exam

You've heard by now that there was some kind of "disaster" during last week's administration of the bar exam in states around the country. ExamSoft, a company that allows people to take the bar exam on their laptops, suffered some kind of error after the first day of the bar exam, causing significant delay for… » 8/05/14 2:09pm 8/05/14 2:09pm

Blackface Is Not OK -- Someone Please Tell This Law Firm

Some Biglaw firms put on variety shows and have associates sing, dance, and act out lame sketch comedy. It's all about associates demeaning themselves for the amusement of partners in new and more interesting ways. And I guess it's supposed to engender some kind of camaraderie, though it's not clear how. » 8/04/14 3:33pm 8/04/14 3:33pm